Here's a list of poetry terms:

First, here's the Iroha - a poem that is a perfect pangram. It is written in an archaic form of Japanese spelling:



Iro wa nioedo
Chirinuru o
Wa ga yo tare zo
Tsune naran
Ui no okuyama
Kyō koete
Asaki yume miji
Ei mo sezu.

As flowers are brilliant
but [inevitably] fall,
who could remain constant
in our world? [No one could]
Today let us transcend
the high mountain of transience,
and there will be
no more shallow dreaming,
no more drunkenness.

  • 俳句 [はいく] Haiku - you should know these: 5-7-5
  • 川柳 [せんりゅう] Senryu - Like Haiku, these are 17 or fewer morae long, but have a more humourous theme of human failings.
  • 短歌 [たんか] Tanka - 5-7-5 /7-7 morae. These poems tend to be more about personal expression.
  • 美学 [美学] Aesthetics
  • 韻律 [いんりつ] Metre
  • 韻文 [いんぶん] Rhyme
  • 類韻 [るいいん] Assonance
  • 頭韻法 [とういんほう] Alliteration
  • 擬音語 [ぎおんご] Onomatopoeia

金曜日, 6月 09, 2006


  • 圧出 [あっしゅつ] (n,vs) pressing out
  • 案出 [あんしゅつ] (n,vs) contrivance
  • 家出 [いえで] (n,vs) running away from home
  • 移出 [いしゅつ] (n,vs) export, shipping out
    *note 移入 [いにゅう] (n,vs) importation
  • 逸出 [いっしゅつ] (n,vs) escape, excelling, prominence
  • 売り出し; 売出 [うりだし] (n) (bargain) sale
  • 演出 [えんしゅつ] (n,vs) production (eg. play); direction
  • 思い出 [おもいで] (n) memories
  • 外出 [がいしゅつ] (n,vs) outing, trip
  • 貸し出す; 貸出す [かしだす] (v5s,vt) to lend
  • 供出 [きょうしゅつ] (n,vs) delivery
  • 拠出 [きょしゅつ] (n,vs) donation, contribution
  • 原油流出 [げんゆりゅうしゅつ] (n) (crude) oil spill
  • 国民総支出 [こくみんしょうししゅつ] (n) gross national expenditure
  • 再出 [さいしゅつ] (n,vs) reappearance, re-emergence
  • 歳出 [さいしゅつ] (n) annual expenditure
  • 射出 [しゃしゅつ] (n,vs) shooting, emitting, injection, injecting

That's all. I need to do things now.

火曜日, 6月 06, 2006


I think I'm finally happy with the look of my site! Hopefully, I won't get lazy and eschew my responsibilities to myself.


悪魔に信じないでも、今日は悪魔の日だ! 06年6月6日だよね! クリスト教徒が「獣の数字」と名付けてる、僕で日高かだ。 6時でパーティが友達の家にありますそうして、僕が額で心眼を押す。

Remember to leave me comments on my grammar if you dare. Please... Oh Come on: Dare!!!

*edit: fixed "Remember" from "Remeber" ; and "on" from "one". I'm not usually the type that makes spelling mistakes in English. I usually check; but this time I probably just didn't notice.

I feel that I should explain my edits in annoyingly tedious detail.

Oh, when I say grammar, I mean 日本語文法. Thankies!!!!


What shall I talk about now: something about Ramen and Fresca? Shall I really be that obvious? I just want to expound upon the enigma that is our existence. Are we really just here for a short time, or are we here... for a longer period than what we would or might assume from what we see around us? Oh, I see isn't quite working at this moment. I wasn't sure about that word "expound", but I now see that it is correct.

金剛石 - kongouseki - diamond
緑玉 - ryokugyoku - emerald
青玉 - seigyoku - sapphire
紅玉 - kougyoku - ruby
真珠 - shinju - pearl

Except for "真珠" these are all the uncommon words for these precious objects. But Kanji are so neato, I thought I'd put these in there.

You might find truth in beautiful stones, maybe you won't. Probably "won't". Though I'm not sure.

金曜日, 6月 02, 2006

The Art of Ramen and Fresca


Peru, Illinois, United States

Ignoble. Living as a pair of pajamas with an ass and a mouth. I'd like to actually date someone someday. Gee that'd be swell.


6月 2006

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